Albedo Telecom


Is a handheld tester, full equipped (PTP/T1/E1/IP/Ethernet up to 10Gb/s), battery operated (up to 24h of operation).
Supporting master/slave Sync-E/PTP.
A built-in Rubidium clock disciplined with GPS.



Is a multitechnology tester
based on Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), Synch Ethernet (SyncE), T1, E1, Datacom, PTP and Jitter/Wander.



is an Ethernet & IP tester equipped with all the features of legacy testers such as BER and RFC2544, plus the new ones like Y.1564, Y.1731, and FCS error insertion in pass mode.



Is a field tester for Synchronous Ethernet equipped with all the feature to deploy and troubleshoot both GbE and SyncE infrastructures.



Is a FPGA based Tap with filtering capabilities, that connected in pass-through mode, is able to capture traffic at wire-speed. Packets are transmitted through two ports and traffic compliant with one of the filters is sent to Wireshark.



Is a rack mounted PTP appliance (configurable as Master or Slave PTP clock) that is capable to monitor the synchronization quality of the network executing frequency/phase wander measurements in order to track the accuracy of master clock.


VoIP-Master Net.Audit Metro.Cable

Double port & touch-screen.
10Gbit/s loop-back device with two optical/electrical ports that can be work independently looping back Ethernet/IP L1-L4 packets.



Is a loop-back device with two optical/electrical ports that can be work independently looping back Ethernet/IP L1-L4 packets that are being used to execute acceptance and assurance tests such as RFC2544 or eSAM.



Is a battery GbE loopback device that can operate over optical/electrical SFP and RJ45 interfaces.
Pairs with ALBEDO testers or any compatible device.



This unique Packet Capture Appliance is ideal for Security and Forensic applications. It is capable of analyzing ALL packets in a full duplex live line. Capturing are compliant with a trigger condition, or with any of the 15+15 programmable filters



Generates those perturbances typical of IP and Carrier Ethernet to test applications, devices and protocols that should be tolerant with packet delay, jitter, loss, duplication, reordering, error and bandwidth variations.



Net.Time GM is a general purpose PTP Grandmaster conceived to supply synchronization to clients connected to Ethernet / IP networks such as 4G / LTE base stations and Synchronous Ethernet as well.


T1/E1 Testers IPTV Monitor Metro.ISO