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OSA 3230B Cesium

Is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology to serve complex applications where an extremely accurate reference signal is needed in a minimum size.


OSA 5548C Synchronization Supply Unit (SSU)

Designed to provide telecom operators with reliable synchronisation. This system provides a scalable synchronisation solution ranging from 20 unprotected up to thousands of 1:1protected outputs.


OSA 5410/11 PTP Toolbox

Is a family of compact and cost-effective synchronization distribution and assurance devices that bring the power of Syncjack™ to any network. Can be utilized like: IEEE 1588v2 Access Grandmaster, Boundary and Slave Clock, GNSS receiver and      PRTC, synchronization signal conversion and sync probe.


5020 Low Noise Distribution

A compact, cost efficient, high quality frequency distribution solution for OEM and integrators.                The OSA 5020 is specifically designed for applications where the phase noise characteristic is extremely important such as satellite tracking stations or time and frequency laboratories.


SyncView™ PLUS Management System

A powerful Synchronisation Management System that allows telecom operators to manage all Oscilloquartz synchronisation elements from a single point and optionally enables control at regional levels.


OSA 5335 PTP GrandMaster

Is a scalable and high-performance IEEE 1588v2 standard compliant, for distribution of frequency, phase and time synchronization over packet-based network infrastructure including IP/MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, PON and DSL networks.


OSA 5331 PTP Grandmaster

Designed to serve reliable time, phase and frequency to numerous PTP Slaves thanks to its dual PTP ports along with a powerful PTP engine.


OSA 5210 Telecom GNSS Clock

Designed for Mobile and SDH/SONET Networks, this compact and flexible unit is a reliable and high performance clock. The OSA 5210 regenerates outstanding stability and accuracy signals.


OSA 5225B NTP Time Node

Is a precise time center featuring two configurable synchronization inputs for redundancy and several outputs. The OSA 5225B can be configured as a secure and redundant NTP Time Server as well as a time distributor of many other time protocols and formats (IRIG-B, PPS, ...).


Sync Architect V4

The only tool currently available specifically designed from the ground up to help you create & simulate resilient synchronisation plans and diagnose distribution problems in your networks.